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April 30, 2008

GG Valve

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Alright you rogue, I’ll play your game.

Valve released a new patch yesterday for Team Fortress 2. It’s the “Gold Rush” patch that includes a new map and 36 new achievements for the medic class.

For every 12 achievements you attain, you receive a new weapon. The first is a new needlegun that heals you when you damage oppponents, the second is a new medigun that gives 100% crit chance to your target instead of invulnerability, and the third is the ubersaw which converts bonesaw kills to ubercharge; 4 bonesaw kills = 1 full ubercharge meter.

After spending 3 hours grinding these out last night for Kodene, I found out there is a command to do it. If you open the console and type achievement_unlock_all, you get all the achievements and new weapons.

Ah Valve. Pitiful content patches for 6 months and now this. How are they going to rectify this without rolling everyone back? Maybe they can scan everyone’s console log for that line and if someone typed it they lose everything?

Time will tell, but this is a major screw up on what was supposed to be the first major content patch of TF2. It does not inspire confidence in their ability to either deliver new content or patch existing imbalances in the game.


Well, they patched it and rolled back everyone, but some of the cheaters still kept their achievements.

And Kodene did too, so yay! He is the proud owner of an Ubersaw and the envy of other medics with their puny regular saws.



  1. That’s upsetting to hear. Usually things like that are disabled in multiplayer. Shouldn’t that be an easy fix though?

    Comment by Rick Weiss — April 30, 2008 @ 18:13

  2. It’s an easy fix, and they just patched it, but it looks like they rolled back all achievements including legit ones.

    I’m not 100% sure but I’ll find out later. At least they patched it quickly. It makes me wonder why they can patch this stuff quickly and yet other patches take months to do.

    Comment by spotpuff — April 30, 2008 @ 19:35

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