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June 10, 2008

Upcoming pyro achievements and speculation

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Pyro has been confirmed as the next achievement pack by Valve.  No one knows what the unlockables will be, but Valve has acknowledged they did a terrible job with the Medic achievements and will try to make the pyro achievements more in-line with actual gameplay rather than the imaginary land of chocolate gameplay that involves needle gunning scouts to death.

The only confirmed unlockable is the Axtinguisher, an axe that does 50% damage unless an enemy is on fire, in which case it will score a guaranteed critical strike (195 damage).  Yikes.  I hope they fix melee hit detection first so you aren’g being axetinguished by people 10 feet away.  Valve has also said they’re changing the pyro class to make him less sucky, which I’m sure pyro fans are glad to hear.

I had some ideas on pyro unlockables I thought we’d see, and the Axtinguisher is close to what I had in mind.  My idea was to have an axe that maimed people so that they walked slower, so if you ignited them they couldn’t get to health as quickly.  However, the Axtinguisher is a much better idea since maiming people isn’t as good as killing them, and the pyro being the 3rd fastest class in the game allows him to melee people pretty easily, so maiming them serves no purpose.  If you wanted to prevent them from getting health, well, just keep torching them with the flamethrower until they’re dead.  No maiming required.

The other ideas I had were a flamethrower that cannot crit but that can light objects/walls/floors on fire, creating a “firewall” that would prevent people from walking over it.  It would be an area-denial type weapon much like the sticky launcher, but not last nearly as long.  The idea is to give the pyro a way to run away from people by laying down some fire that people aren’t going to want to walk across.

The shotgun is a bit trickier; the “crit people that are opn fire” idea has already been used (not to say that they couldn’t use it again for a weapon, but I doubt they would) so maybe the pyro could get a flare launcher that lit up dark areas for a while (similar to the sniper’s flare in TF1) or a secondary weapon that left an oil trail that you could ignite (similar to the idea above, just a different execution).

We’ll all just have to wait and see what Valve has in store.


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