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June 18, 2008

New pyro achievements and unlockables revealed, more maps to come

Filed under: Game Analysis — spotpuff @ 16:40

Valve released the list of upcoming pyro achievements and unlockables, as well as the additional maps that will be added to the “official” list.

See for more info.  Initial thoughts?

  • Backburner is going to be brutal.  Anyone who’s run into pyro crits knows you get dropped in less than a second usually (~400 DPS).
  • +50 HP with the backburner puts the pyro at soldier level HP. Joy.
  • Airblast has a lot of great tactical applications.  Cooldown needs to be long enough that soldiers aren’t useless vs pyros.
  • Flare gun is going to give snipers fits… which is fine with me.  Won’t be useful vs engineers that have a dispenser nearby.
  • Valve still can’t release new maps to save their lives.
  • Achievements are in-line with actual gameplay now for the most part.  Things like “kill someone with a taunt” are fun, but impossible unless you’re farming achievements.

Expect to see a lot of pyros running around tomorrow.


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